We provide financing, securities lending and liquidity management solutions across all asset-classes.

We provide clients with:

  • Flow financing: solutions for cash reinvestment, collateral optimization, financing needs
  • Long term and structured financing: innovative and tailormade solutions for specific collateral needs
  • Alternative financing: bespoke solutions for their financing and hedging requirements secured by fund-linked and multi-asset portfolios 
  • Strong financing fixed income presence in emerging countries both in hard and local currencies
  • Solutions we offer

    • Financing & alpha generation
    • Liquidity management & collateral optimization 
    • Leverage and structured solutions with cross asset capabilities 
    • Bespoke solutions for our clients financing and hedging requirements secured by fund-linked and multi-asset portfolios
    •  ESG financing solutions: ESG screened collateral, sustainability linked financing
  • Underlyings and wrappers

    A various range of underlyings and optimized fomarts available 

    • Cross asset capacities from liquid/illiquid IG and sub-IG government and corporates bonds, Cocos, ABS, funds
    • Repo, securities lending, pledge, synthetic & bespoke formats (notes, contingent facilities, contingent secured letter of credit)
    • Facilities up to 80% loan to value ratio

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