Our way to help you

With the strength of its values, recognised expertise and distinct company culture built on over 150 years of history, Societe Generale mobilises its teams to offer a comprehensive range of innovate solutions to help you accomplish your goals and leverage your potential.

Accomplish your goals and leverage your potential!

Societe Generale is also determined to serve you with the three defining features of its wholesale banking business: strong, long-lasting client relationships, a pioneering spirit and responsible solutions.

A relationship bank

Since its creation in 1864, Societe Generale has positioned itself as a partner to its clients to “promote the development of trade and industry”. Since then, it has stood by this vocation of being a trusted partner for businesses.

We support you over time, during expansion phases and their more challenging periods alike. By providing a full range of solutions suited to your needs, we play a facilitating role to help you realise your ambitions and leverage your potential. This is why we intend to develop an authentic advisory relationship for all of your financial issues, specifically risk anticipation and management.

Our model is based on both bankers who have a very detailed knowledge of their clients and the sectors in which they are active, as well as a broad cross-asset view of the bank’s various products and experts who bring sophisticated technical skill to their work. This client coverage model, though not in itself unique to Societe Generale, finds a better home there because of the bank’s ability to pool expertise in order to provide bespoke solutions to your needs.

A pioneering spirit

In over 150 years of existence, Societe Generale has been the source of many innovations that have revolutionised the banking profession and empowered businesses to broaden the spectrum of their options. Our capacity to propose customised innovative solutions is built on unique skills and an especially pervasive engineering culture. Societe Generale is a globally recognised leader for its structuration skills, for both investment and financing solutions, with unparalleled technical skills which allow us to offer innovative solutions to the most complex of your needs.

A prime example of this pioneering spirit is Societe Generale’s lead in digital transformation, as clearly demonstrated by SG Markets - the first financial services marketplace for businesses and financial institutions.

Responsible solutions

Over time, Societe Generale has developed the values of a fighting spirit and resilience that have forged a unique corporate culture focused on the long term. Societe Generale is one of the rare – two or three at most – euro-zone banks to offer an integrated model across the origination-structuring-distribution chain. In a market design that favours disintermediation, this capacity for doing business on these three segments is a solid advantage for our clients, and is expected to become even more key once the regulatory environment stabilises.

As a pioneer of positive impact finance, Societe Generale uses the extraordinary tool of empowerment that finance is to bring about positive transformation, and thus contribute to the emergence and development of industrial adventures to tackle the economic, social and environmental challenges of our time.