High quality investment and risk management solutions

Within Societe Generale, our market activities are integrated into a multi-asset, multi-product platform.

We focus on delivering high quality investment, financing and risk management solutions to a wide range of clients: asset managers, pension funds, banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, corporates, family offices, sovereign funds and retail network distributors around the world.

Operating at the heart of Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking, our market activities are renowned for their industry leading structuring and innovation capabilities, creating bespoke solutions across 45 countries.

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Equities & Equity Derivatives
We offer a unique flow and exotic derivatives expertise combined with strong execution capacities. We support clients of...
Fixed Income and Currencies
We service the real economy and aim to build together with our clients, a better and sustainable future through...
Prime Services & Clearing
The prime services and clearing department at Societe Generale provides cross-asset solutions for asset managers, hedge...
Quantitative Investment Strategies
Capitalising on our unique quant edge, we provide a wide range of systematic investment & hedging strategies.
Cross Asset Research
Operating at the heart of Societe Generale's Corporate & Investment Banking market activities, the Cross Asset Research...
Cross Asset Solutions
Your direct access to a true cross asset platform with outstanding financial engineering capabilities.
Positive Impact Finance
Navigating the transition
Powering Energy Transition
Navigating the transition
Positive Impact Finance
SG Markets
Societe Generale's marketplace of BtoB services. Flexible solutions tailored to your needs.

Global Markets Incubator

Technology is at the core of major breakthroughs. The financial industry has always been an early adopter of new technologies and Societe Generale has innovation as a building block of its DNA. In a fast-changing financial ecosystem, and since 2018, Global Markets Incubator helps startups turn their innovative ideas into market ready solutions. Visit the dedicated website.