For the below-listed products, which are considered as non packaged products, you will generally not be considered as incurring any product cost and your costs will therefore be considered as service costs. Should product costs exceptionally apply to a particular trade, we would notify you.

For these products, service costs are computed in compliance with the principle defined in paragraph 79 of the Recital of the Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No 2017/565 according to which every difference between the price of a position for the firm and the respective price for the client should be disclosed.

Product Underlying Maximum levels of costs
(per annum)
Last update
    Maturity <= 1 Year Maturity > 1 Year
    Amount Percentage Amount Percentage  
Bonds (Currency of nominal : USD,
50€ 0.50% 75€ 0.75% 03/01/2018
Bonds (Other Currencies) 75€ 0.75% 100€ 1.00% 03/01/2018
ABS 150€ 1.50% 150€ 1.50% 03/01/2018
Mixed collateral, Equities, Convertible bonds 80€ 0.80% 80€  0.80%  03/01/2018
Special & hard to borrow 350€ 3.50% 350€ 3.50% 03/01/2018
Pre-paid forward Hedge Fund 150€ 1.50% 150€ 1.50% 03/01/2018


These costs are OnGoing costs, i.e. they are incurred prorata temporis;

Please note that:

  • the percentage cost applies to a notional basis. The figures in the table are the maximum per annum costs and charges under normal market conditions;
  • these costs are OnGoing costs, i.e. they are incurred prorata temporis;
  • the “Other currencies” typology applies each time at least one currency not present among the following list (USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, YEN, CAD, NOK, SEK, DKK, AUD, NZD) is involved in the transaction;
  • the actual costs and charges may vary according to the specific circumstances of each transaction. In any event, our pricing will be determined in accordance with our best execution policy;

Additional information on this cost-and-charge disclosure is available upon request with your usual contact persons at Societe Generale SA, Societe Generale International Limited or Societe Generale Option Europe.