Securities Financing

We provide financing, securities lending and liquidity management solutions across all asset-classes.

We provide clients with:

  • Flow financing: solutions for cash reinvestment, collateral optimisation, financing needs
  • Long term and structured financing: innovative and tailormade solutions for specific collateral needs
  • Solutions we offer

    • Financing & alpha generation
    • Liquidity management & collateral optimization 
    • Leverage and structured solutions with cross asset capabilities 
    • ESG financing solutions: ESG screened collateral, sustainability linked financing
  • Underlyings and wrappers

    A various range of underlyings and optimized formats available:

    • Cross asset funding capacities including single stocks, basket, indices, ETFs, convertible bonds and futures, liquid/illiquid IG and sub-IG bonds
    • Over 15,000 equity names available and axes over thousands equity names 
    • Physical, synthetic and bespoke formats including repo, sec lending, TRS, forward, DPS, notes, bilateral and triparty

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