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With more than 30 years of experience across equity derivatives, we are a pioneer across both flow and exotic products. Our market leading expertise and diverse business mix allows us to offer clients the full spectrum of equity based services, across cash equity markets, listed and OTC derivatives.

From market insights, to an extensive product offer and an award winning execution platform, we allow our clients to develop and implement their desired strategies as well as capture new opportunities and efficiently manage the risks of their portfolios. We partner with our clients to help deliver performance ahead of their peers or benchmarks.

Sustainability is now, and will always remain, at the heart of everything we do. We stand by our clients to help them achieve their ESG objectives within the equity space.

Equity Derivatives Flow & Exotic
With over 30- years experience in equity derivatives, we offer a unique expertise in both flow and exotic derivatives...
Delta One Capabilities
We offer a wide range of bespoke delta one solutions for clients’ hedging, financing, trading or optimization needs.
Securities Financing
We provide financing, securities lending and liquidity management solutions across all asset-classes.
Cash Equities & Execution
We offer a fully global developed and emerging market access supporting all client types.
Strategic Equity Transactions
Acting at the crossroads of Global Markets and Investment Banking, our strategic equity transaction department has...
Quantitative Investment Strategies
Our quantitative investment strategies (QIS) team is in charge of designing systematic strategies and packaging the...
Cross Asset Solutions
Your direct access to a true cross asset platform with outstanding financial engineering capabilities.
Prime Services & Clearing
The Prime Services and Clearing department at Societe Generale provides cross-asset solutions for Asset Managers, Hedge...

Analytics and Data

Leverage the full power of Societe Generale's proprietary analysis and data from your own system

Best in class

SG Markets Analytics & Data service allows you to benefit from Societe Generale's unique position as a leading investment bank and leverage one of the biggest trading book in the market covering a wide cross asset scope of Rates, Credit and Forex instruments.

Forex: Get indicative spot, swap points and volatilities indicators on a wide universe of currency pairs
Forex event weights: price risk events, like elections, economic releases of central banks
Bonds: Get indicative price, yield and other indicators on a wide universe of bonds
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Operating at the heart of Societe Generale's Corporate & Investment Banking market activities, the Cross Asset Research team provides global multi-asset coverage through an array of publications and analytical tools, with two missions in mind:
Help our clients understand market trends, and provide them with smart investment strategies and trade ideas.

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    Highly supportive of transitioning to a more sustainable economy, Societe Generale stands by you to support the positive impact of your business. Click here to discover our sustainable and positive impact finance solutions.

    Equity & Sustainable Responsible Investing Research
    • A team of 80+ sectors analysts, with 20 years of experience on average
    • Top-ranked ESG research team with over 13 years of experience
    • Leading analysts on French and European names
    • 5 sector research teams in the top 10 in the II 2020 survey
    • Team work between ESG and sectors teams to deliver combined ESG factors and fundamental financial analysis