Project name reporting for project finance

According to the EPIII reporting requirements, the EPFI submits project name data to the EP Association Secretariat for publication on the EP Association website.

Project name reporting is applicable to project finance transactions that are signed, subject to obtaining client consent, subject to applicable local laws and regulations, and subject to no additional liability for the Bank as a result of reporting in certain identified jurisdictions.

Below is the list of the 42 EP project finance transactions which were signed in 2018.

Project nameSectorHost country name
BAPCO Refinery Modernization ProgramOthersBAHRAIN
Belgrade Airport ConcessionInfrastructureSERBIA
Beryl Solar FarmPowerAUSTRALIA
Biology Pharmacy Chemistry Centre for Université Paris-SudInfrastructureFRANCE
Blauwwind Offshore Windfarm (Borssele III & IV)PowerNETHERLANDS
Bulgana Geen Power HubPowerAUSTRALIA
Cerro Dominador Solar ProjectPowerCHILE
Corpus Christi LNG Project – Stage 2Oil & GasUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Dargues Gold ProjectMiningAUSTRALIA
Duqm Refinery ProjectOthersOMAN
Fibre 31/Haute Garonne THDInfrastructureFRANCE
Formosa 1 Offshore Wind FarmPowerTAIWAN
Fruta del NorteMiningECUADOR
Gökirmak Copper ProjectMiningTURKEY
Grady Wind Energy CenterPowerUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Hérault THDInfrastructureFRANCE
Hornsea 1 Wind FarmPowerUNITED KINGDOM
Istrian Motorway – Phase 2B1 – Rogovici to VranjaInfrastructureCROATIA
Jinko Solar - Viborillas PV ProjectPowerMEXICO
Karish Gas Field DevelopmentOil & GasISRAEL
Les PointesPowerFRANCE
Merkur Offshore Wind Farm ProjectPowerGERMANY
Mina Justa Copper ProjectMiningPERU
Moray East Offshore Wind FarmPowerUNITED KINGDOM
Mount Signal 2 Wind Farm ProjectPowerUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Nachtigal Hydropower ProjectPowerCAMEROON
Northwester 2 Offshore Wind FarmPowerBELGIUM
Saint SébastienPowerFRANCE
Seamade Offshore Wind FarmPowerBELGIUM
Seta River CascadePowerALBANIA
Soleil de Chaillac Solar PV PlantPowerFRANCE
Stillwater Wind ProjectPowerUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Tema Cement Grinding PlantOthersGHANA
THD CalvadosInfrastructureFRANCE
Trans Adriatic PipelineOil & GasALBANIA
Warradarge Wind FarmPowerAUSTRALIA


Calendar year in which the transactions were signed: all transactions were signed in 2018.

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