In the mood for loans - The Quarterly - Disintermediation accelarating in Europe


Spearheaded by the Global Asset Allocation team, the 'In the mood for loans' series seeks to identify key investment opportunities arising from the disintermediation of the global economy.

For institutional investors and corporates only

At the heart of the originate-to-distribute project, this innovative series addresses the needs of corporate managers, seeking to expand their sources of finance, and asset managers, in search of good quality yield and asset diversification.

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In addition to an editorial section dealing with the disintermediation of the global economy, our new quarterly provides an overview of the global loan market, a focus on the US PP, Euro PP and Schuldscheine markets, a proprietary gauge of the liquidity premium of loans versus the corresponding bonds, details of recent changes in regulations and a few added-value press articles.

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