Societe Generale receives 13 awards at EMEA Finance's Treasury Services Awards 2022


For the 10th consecutive year, the Global Transaction Banking businesses have been highly recognised by EMEA Finance, once again winning a record number of awards in all seven Treasury Services Awards categories.

This success rewards the Group's positioning in the EMEA region, Europe and Africa and its undeniable competitive advantage, and celebrates the expertise, quality and unwavering commitment of the teams year after year, despite a particularly difficult context.
Additionally, this is the fifth consecutive year that the bank is recogniqed with the Best Treasury Services in EMEA award. The bank is recogniqed for the first time win the Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in the Middle East award as well.
Societe Generale won the following Treasury Services 2022 awards:

•    Best Cash Management Services in EMEA
•    Best Factoring Services in EMEA 
•    Best Treasury Services in EMEA         

•    Best Factoring Services in Europe      
•    Best Trade Finance Services in Europe        
•    Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in Europe

•    Best Factoring Services in CEE
•    Best FX Services in CEE
•    Best Payment Services in CEE  
•    Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in CEE

•    Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in the Middle East  

•    Best Factoring Services in Africa
•    Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in Africa

"Once again this year, I am delighted and honoured to receive numerous recognitions from Emeafinance. Thirteen awards that cover all of our Global Transaction Banking activities and demonstrate our ability to adapt to uncertain times and remain by our clients' side to support them in all their operations and advise them on a daily basis. I would like to warmly congratulate all of our teams for their investment and to thank our clients for their trust. 
As a European reference player, we optimise and secure transactions, cash flow and short-term financing needs of corporates and financial institutions. At the heart of the Societe Generale group, we perform core business activities for our clients enabling their development while supporting responsible growth. 
We are committed to innovate and adapt to our clients’ needs. As an example, at the end of 2021, we signed a partnership with Kyriba to reach a new dimension in treasury management with the first integrated cloud-based cash and payment management solution.
As a bank, we will never stop innovating for our clients, for the young and next generations. We have indeed a crucial role to play in building a better future, delivering transaction banking solutions that will help our clients to grow, acting for communities across geographies, contributing to more sustainable businesses."
Alexandre Maymat, Head of Global Transaction & Payment Services

"We are proud to be recognised this year again as “best factoring services” in EMEA, Europe and Africa. This reflects our ability to find solutions, to demonstrate creativity, responsiveness and availability to meet the multiple and complex needs of our clients in France and abroad.
Our mission is to always be able to meet the needs of our customers.
In 2022, in order to support our clients with their ESG transition goals, Societe Generale Factoring is launching two new categories of ESG offers, which are applicable to our flagship products serving corporate clients. These offers include receivable finance, supply chain finance and forfaiting.
-    The first category " Environmental and/or social financing", aims to finance business activities with positive environmental or social impacts.
-    The second category proposed by Societe Generale Factoring, “the sustainability-linked (SL) solution” is aimed at companies that have developed an ambitious CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy to improve the environmental and social impacts of their activities. It rewards the achievement of CSR objectives as defined by our clients.
With these new offers, Societe Generale Factoring contributes to Societe Generale Group's commitment to support our corporate clients' transition to more ecological and inclusive development models. These solutions help strengthen the work done on a daily basis by our teams alongside the treasurers."
Aurélien Viry, CEO of  Societe Generale Factoring

"We are extremely honored to be awarded Best Transactional Bank for Financial Institutions in Europe, CEE, Middle East and Africa. These 4 distinctions truly reflect our franchise’s expertise and our determination to always deliver a top-notch level of service to our clients. 
It also comes as a recognition of Societe Generale’s long-standing position as one the world’s leading banks on Euro clearing. 
Indeed, our cash-clearing franchise takes great pride in bringing value-added services and guidance to our clients on cross-border payments and connected FX solutions. 
At the same time, we constantly strive to leverage new technologies in order to deliver innovative solutions. Thus, we are currently enhancing our offer by developing APIs fostering real-time interactions and eased integration in our clients’ information system. 
We also stand alongside our clients to accompany them through our industry’s major challenges such as the ISO20022 transition. "
Jean-François MAZURE, Head of Cash Clearing services, Global Transaction Banking