Societe Generale awarded by the Euromoney survey


This year, 27,000 clients responded to elect their best cash management provider (vs. ~ 33,000 in 2020 and ~ 24,000 in 2019).

The Euromoney survey rewards two categories, the historic "Market Leader" award and the "Best Service" award launched in 2019, rewarding the quality of service offered to our customers.


This year, Societe Generale entered the “top 10” for the first time, ranking 10th in the “global cash management Market Leader” category. 
Then, on the four geographic areas of particular interest to us (France, Western Europe, Africa and Eastern Europe):

-    #1 Leader in France
-    #7 in Western Europe
-    #2 in Africa. At a local level, Algeria, Cameroon, Guinea, Madagascar, Morocco and Senegal keep their 1st place. Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast join these 5 top countries.
-    #5 in Eastern Europe. At a local level, the ranking of the Czech Republic remains unchanged, indeed, Komerční Banka keeps its place of leader for the 3rd consecutive year. BRD finished 3rd in Romania. Rosbank ended up 6th in the standings in Russia.


-    #3 in France
-    #6 in Western Europe
-    #6 in Africa
-    #12 in Eastern Europe 

Thanks to close work on a daily basis with all of our customers, across all geographic areas, Societe Generale is once again standing out this year as a benchmark bank in the field of cash management.

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