GPI tracker, opening up to our clients' beneficiaries


The SWIFT gpi initiative needs no introduction. Launched a few years ago, gpi has delivered on all its promises: to transform the international payment experience through greater speed, fluidity, transparency and security.

At Societe Generale, we actively participated in the construction of the gpi standard and quickly offered our clients specific monitoring and reporting solutions to let them take full advantage of gpi benefits (gpi PSR, gpi Tracker, etc.). It is now possible for their beneficiaries to benefit from it as well!

Societe Generale offers its corporate clients the possibility of sending a link via the Global Cash web banking platform to enable their beneficiaries to follow the progress of payments in real time and in complete autonomy. 
Simple (beneficiaries do not need to authenticate themselves), user-friendly, secure and cost-free, Societe Generale gpi Tracker allows beneficiaries to trace payments at any time while guaranteeing the protection of sensitive data.

No more cobbled-together screenshots or unreadable notices, the gpi Tracker can help speed up processes and unwind the transactions more quickly. It will undoubtedly become the new reflex to adopt for treasurers concerned with improving their partners' international payment experience and the fluidity of transactions.

In addition to improving the customer experience and operational efficiency, this innovation is fully in line with the Group's objectives in terms of digital solutions, CSR and the One Bank vision, as well as with the regulators' objectives in terms of reducing existing frictions in international payments with the aim of improving transparency.