Tracking your payments with SG Markets gpi Tracker


Nowadays, whenever customers shop online or order food delivery, they are generally used to tracking their orders status. Similarly, treasurers expect greater transparency and traceability of their payments as well. Thanks to the new gpi (global payments innovation) Tracker integrated into SG Markets, our corporate clients’ expectations have become a reality.

Ever since its launch in 2017, SWIFT gpi has allowed banks to benefit from increased visibility and transparency of payment status. Today, we make this information available to our clients. The new functionality, based on SWIFT offer, will improve our cross-border payment service by providing our corporate clients with end-to-end payment tracking, greater transparency of fees and unaltered remittance information.

From now on, our corporate clients can closely track their international payments in real time, at no extra cost, from the moment they are issued until they are credited on the beneficiary’s account. This allows our customers to know exactly where the payment is across the correspondent banking chain. They have also full visibility on fees and exchange rates applied by intermediary banks. In addition, since remittance information is unchanged from end to end, clients can more easily identify payments throughout a transaction.

End-to-end real-time information about cash positions is at your fingertips on our international Cash Management portal for corporates, Global Cash. This service is available via SG Markets, Societe Generale’s multi-services platform. SG Markets Global Cash offers you secure access to monitor your payment and collection orders, control and balance your account positions around the world.

The integration of the gpi Tracker into our Cash Management offer proves once again our commitment to enhance our corporate clients experience and to provide them with high-performance tools to optimise their operational efficiency.