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The Securities Services business provides asset managers, institutional investors, banks and brokers, and corporate clients with the global solutions listed below, adapted to the latest financial markets and regulatory trends.

Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS) is the Securities Services branch of Societe Generale group. 


Seven main areas can be distinguished:

  • custody and trustee services: this involves not only the custody of securities on behalf of third parties but also the management of their life (payment of dividends, allocation of free shares, division of nominal value, etc.); this is known as securities transactions or STOs. Securities services also handle tax claims in the case of cross-border securities; the role of the custodian is also to check compliance with portfolio diversification, monitor the fund’s liquidity, control the minimum value of the funds and control the risk ratios;
  • fund administration and asset servicing: this involves the valuation, calculation of net asset values, accounting and reporting on behalf of an asset manager;
  • fund distribution: it consists of assisting fund managers with pre-sale documentation and the function of representative and transfer agent to enable subscriptions and redemptions;
  • front-to-back outsourcing;
  • clearing and settlement: this is the exchange of information between the two parties to a securities transaction and the final settlement of the securities;
  • issuer services;
  • liquidity management.