Issuer services

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Issuer services include a range of services for companies that have issued equity (stocks) or debt (bonds).

Let's take the example of a company that has issued shares.

This company will have to hold a general meeting at least once a year, but it does not necessarily know all of its shareholders. The bank's securities department will manage the organization of the general meeting on behalf of the company, from the convocation of the shareholders to the management of the votes.

The securities service can also take care of the registry of the shareholders, i.e., to take care on behalf of the company to keep track of its shareholders. It can also do this if the employees are shareholders and manage the operations impacting these employees (profit-sharing, incentive schemes, etc.). 

In the same way, if the company decides to pay a dividend to its shareholders, the bank will manage the payment of the dividends and provide other securities transaction management services.

If the company has issued debt securities, the bank can act as both paying and issuing agent.