Diversified Industries

A trusted adviser – enabling growth in a competitive environment

Diversified Industries covers a wide range of sub-sectors including Automotive, Transport & Logistics, Building Materials & Construction, Capital Goods, Business Services, Metals and Oil Field Services.

For decades, many of these industries have operated in an environment characterised by relatively long product cycles and stable business models. However, the pace of change has fundamentally accelerated over the last ten years, driven in part by technological innovation, the multi-faceted impact of digitalisation and, in some cases, the emergence of new competitors.

Even the way industrial products are developed, manufactured and commercialized is changing. Industry 4.0, sometimes referred to as the fourth industrial revolution, essentially refers to the computerisation and digitalisation of manufacturing. ’Smart’ factories, Big Data, 3D printing and the Internet-of-Things are all contributing to meaningful changes in the way industrial companies operate. They also contribute to a change of focus from ‘products’ to broader ‘solutions’ incorporating the product itself but also services, data generation and analysis, predictive maintenance, and performance commitments.

These changes significantly impact the way in which industrial goods - from gas turbines to locomotives - are manufactured, commercialised, operated and maintained. At Societe Generale, we work in partnership with our clients to anticipate these trends, to seek out external growth opportunities, and to develop the optimal financing for these development plans.

How we work with clients

Continual globalisation and consolidation as well as the disruptive impact of technology drive the need for companies to undertake acquisitions, disposals or enter into joint ventures. As a global investment bank we are well placed to serve these clients. We provide financing and investment banking services to many of the world’s largest manufacturing companies throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas.

As a strong, full-service investment banking and corporate finance platform in Europe and for all cross-border transactions with a European component, we are well placed to accompany many of the world’s largest industrial companies in their development strategy, across both financing and advisory services.

Deep-dive on Diversified Industries

The pace of change for all industries has increased fundamentally over the last ten years. Industries face disruption from digitalisation and other fast developing technologies, affecting not only the way products and solutions are made and delivered but also their after-sales service and maintenance.

The automotive industry is a good example. On the one hand, you have the acceleration of the trend towards electric vehicles and a rapid technological evolution enabling autonomous driving on the other. Consider these rapid technological changes with evolving consumption patterns for mobility solutions - such as shared economy - and it all amounts to fundamental changes for car manufacturers. 

Our approach marries strong sector expertise and outstanding execution capabilities, combined with a clear focus on developing long-term relationships. The team aims to work as trusted adviser to a range of industrial clients, helping them to navigate the marketplace, devising the optimal M&A strategy and associated financing solutions in order to help them reinforce their competitive position in a rapidly changing environment.