Natural Resources and Infrastructure Financing

Offering a full range of finance and advisory services supported by a strong sectorial expertise

We are active across the full spectrum of natural resources and infrastructure

Harnessing our sectorial expertise, you can benefit from our worldwide business franchise in the Natural Resources, Energy and Infrastructure sectors

Our clients are producers, operators, processors, traders, service providers, logistics firms and distributors linked to commodities and public and private institutions as well as selected industrials.

We provide you with financing solutions and advisory services across our key platforms:

Energy Financing

Financing and advisory solutions for projects and producers worldwide, both in the oil & gas industry and its derivatives as well as the production and distribution of electricity from thermal and renewable energy sources.

Mining, Metals & Industries Finance

Advisory, structuring and financing solutions to support the entire value chain from mining extraction to metals transformation to downstream industries focused on decarbonization, sustainability and full life cycle solutions.

Traders, Commodity Finance & Agribusiness

Finances traders and commodity players/processors as well as provides trade finance services to cover commodity clients and exporters against non-payment risk.

Infrastructure Finance

Advising and financing solutions dedicated to infrastructure projects in the sectors of transportation, regulated assets, telecom and broadband, water and environment as well as social infrastructure and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP).

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