Table of the 2017 EP project finance transactions

Project nameSectorHost country name
ADTIM Broadband NetworkInfrastructureFRANCE
Ammonia ProjectOthersOMAN
Block A Aceh Gas Development ProjectOil & GasINDONESIA
Bungala One SolarPowerAUSTRALIA
Bungala Two SolarPowerAUSTRALIA
Centrale Eolienne de Buire-Le-SecPowerFRANCE
Centrale Photovoltaïque du Plateau de l'ArnetPowerFRANCE
Ciclo Combinado Tierra MojadaPowerMEXICO
Coopers Gap Wind FarmPowerAUSTRALIA
Deutsche Bucht Offshore WindPowerGERMANY
Elba Island LNG Project – HoldCo FinancingOil & GasUNITED STATES OF AMERICA
Grand Est Broadband NetworkInfrastructureFRANCE
Hornsdale Wind Farm, Stage 3PowerAUSTRALIA
Kidston Solar Project - Phase 1PowerAUSTRALIA
Leviathan Gas Field (Delek Drilling and Avner Oil)Oil & GasISRAEL
Leviathan Gas Field (Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd.)Oil & GasISRAEL
Manildra Solar FarmPowerAUSTRALIA
Nord-Pas-de-Calais Broadband PPP refinancingInfrastructureFRANCE
Parc Photovoltaïque de LanasPowerFRANCE
Project FalconOil & GasNIGERIA
Ras Ghareb Wind FarmPowerEGYPT
Salalah LPGOthersOMAN
Serra Carpaneto 3PowerITALY
Silverton Wind FarmPowerAUSTRALIA
Stockyard Hill Wind FarmPowerAUSTRALIA
Teillay Wind FarmPowerFRANCE


Calendar year in which the transactions were signed: all transactions were signed in 2017.

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