QR-bill makes your payments easy and digital


Digitalisation is rapidly overtaking payment processes and bill payment is no exception.

On June 30, 2020, QR-bill was launched in Switzerland with the aim of taking the harmonisation in the Swiss payment standards to a new level. Being compliant with the ISO 20022 standard, QR bills will contribute to the standardisation of payment transactions while accelerating the digitalisation of payment processes.

Today, more than 2 million QR-bills have already been successfully processed in Switzerland!

In order to get ready to process QR-bills, market players committed to adapt their payment processing systems in time to meet the deadline. Among them, Societe Generale was one of the first banks to support its corporate clients in this evolution. Since the end of June 2020, our customers can easily issue and pay QR-bills in EUR and in CHF using our e-Banking solutions: SWIFTNet, SFTP and our Global Cash web platform. Our large range of statements and advices are also enriched with new key references to make our Corporate clients’ reconciliation easier.

    QR-bills respond to the Swiss market’s need for further digitalisation in payments. They will contribute to Switzerland’s digital economy, making payments more efficient, less time-consuming and more error-free. Our teams have successfully adapted our processes and our e-Banking solutions to offer our clients a relevant digital payment experience.
    Valérie ZerliniHead of Global Transaction Banking in Switzerland since early August 2020

    In Switzerland and abroad, Societe Generale confirms its commitment to improve the treasurer's digital path in a fast-changing treasury environment. We continually adapt our wide range of Cash Management solutions to help our clients embrace the latest evolutions, strengthening the corporate to bank relationship more than ever before.

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