Services d’exécution / Execution Services

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Market access for institutional clients

Execution Services provides institutional clients with access to competitively priced multi-underlying trading platforms. Combining state-of-the-art technology and in-depth expertise of market participants, Execution Services offer a brokerage service that puts the client's interests first. Increasingly, banks are also offering "Advanced Execution Services" that also give clients access to algorithmic trading platforms. 

Execution services offer a completely cross-sectional access offering access to:

  • cash equity: with the ability to trade single stocks, baskets of stocks, ETFs, etc.;
  • derivatives markets under all underlying assets, whether listed or OTC;
  • equity and bond funds.

A solution integrated to the back-office processing chain

Bank Execution services are frequently integrated with securities processing, custody, administration and depository services

The processing chain that moves processed orders to custody services ensures the highest possible operational efficiency by automatically integrating transactions into the back-office processing chain, via clearing, settlement, valuation and custody.