Investment Banking

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Investment banking activity encompasses the many different wholesale services that are connected with a client’s equity transactions. An investment bank's clients are typically companies, financial institutions, investment funds or public entities.

Investment banking generally involves the following departments:
-    Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), whose main mission is to advise buyers and sellers on the acquisition, sale or merger of companies;
-    Equity Capital Markets (ECM), which assists with equity or quasi-equity issues on the stock market, as well as the sale of equity interests;
-    Debt Capital Markets (DCM), which carries out public or private debt issues on behalf of clients which are subscribed by market investors;
-    Leveraged Finance, which finances LBO transactions; 
-    Acquisition Finance, which finances the acquisition of large companies

These departments regularly work together to advise and finance debt and equity, structuring deals for their clients. This multi-service offering, which meets most of the financial needs of clients for such transactions, is coordinated by the Coverage team, which manages the entire client relationship.