Cross Asset Solutions

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Access to all asset classes

 There was a time when investor demand was focused on a single product, and therefore hedging was done by a salesperson who was focused on a single asset class. The interest rate salesperson did not sell equities, the foreign exchange salesman did not know the commodities market. 

Over the past 20 years, client demands have evolved and now favor a cross-asset approach (multi-product approach in French) on all asset classes. 

The Cross Asset Solutions department operates at the heart of the Markets Department and therefore brings together the structuring capabilities of equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and funds to provide investors with a single multi-asset market solutions team. 

Based on customer-centered multi-asset management, these departments offer a complete range of products and solutions in all asset classes. 

The aim is to offer investment and risk management solutions across all asset classes to asset managers, pension funds, companies, private banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, family offices and sovereign wealth funds. But Cross Asset Solutions also provides products according to the requirements and marketing strategy of distributors around the world, being able to be in charge entirely or partially of the design of products to the follow-up of syndication campaigns linked to the launch of a structured product.