Supporting the French leader in local low-carbon energy


By harnessing local and decarbonised energies, IDEX plays a pivotal role in driving the energy transition.

As energy costs rise and energy needs shift (flex office, teleworking, alternative mobility, self-consumption etc.), energy consumption is undergoing a significant transformation. IDEX calls for an understanding of "useful energy": enabling consumption to be as accurate as possible by using techniques to optimise energy use, with a focus on efficiency.

Idex is a leading French independent energy infrastructure company and acts as a critical energy transition platform across France’s regions. It is also the only vertically integrated market operator in the entire local energy value chain accompanying both public and private clients with a full spectrum of energy transition and decarbonisation solutions including:

  • maximizing the value of local resources and turning household waste, biomass, underground heat, sunlight and lost heat from industrial processes into energy to distribute in local circuits, for heating, cooling or electricity, to industrial utilities, business premises, offices or homes.

  • supporting the energy transition in buildings by improving their energy performance, stewardship and possibilities for producing low-carbon energy. 

By combining a "consume less" approach with the use of renewable energies at stable and increasingly competitive prices, IDEX avoids 800,000 metrics tons of CO2 a year and reduces the dependence on highly volatile global energy markets.

Societe Generale's role as Underwriter and MLA Bookrunner in the IDEX’s €1.7 billion refinancing confirms our commitment to playing a leading role in the energy, environmental and social transition. These funds will be used to finance IDEX's ongoing projects, including district heating networks, waste to-energy plants and industrial energy generation facilities.

The debut SLL transaction is linked to IDEX’s ESG performance metrics including:

  • the carbon intensity of energy production

  • the share of sustainable investments compliant with European taxonomy 

  • advancements in workplace safety

In the current economic environment necessitating investor foresight, the renewed trust from our longstanding financial partners coupled with the injection of capital from new leading infrastructure investors serve as a powerful testament of our growth potential in the local low-carbon energy market. With this substantial backing, we are well equipped to enhance our competitive edge and extend our support to an even greater number of clients in their energy transition.
Benjamin FREMAUXIDEX Chairman and CEO
We are honoured to lead in the financing of this major project for IDEX, particularly as it is the first sustainability-linked loan indexed to IDEX’s ESG performance. The financing will play a key role in expediting the rollout of innovative low-carbon solutions for IDEX, which aligns well with Societe Generale’s commitment to energy transition projects.
Herve LE CORREGlobal Head of Infrastructure at Societe Generale