Radiating renewable projects in Spain


X-Elio, a global leader in sustainable energy development, was recently supported by Societe Generale to finance three photovoltaic solar energy projects in Spain.

The Brookfield-owned company will assign the financing to the three key projects located in Almería, Granada and Murcia, totaling 123 MWp (Megawatt peak).

The assets involved in the operation are an X-Elio photovoltaic plant in Almeria, which is currently reaching the end of its construction phase; and two further plants, one located in Murcia and the other in Granada, both under construction since the end of 2023.

The progress of these projects and their connection to the grid will boost the development of solar photovoltaic energy in the country to achieve the proposed energy transition goals and help boost local economies with job creations.

implantation xelio

With 19 years of experience and a proven track record, X-Elio has developed and built more than 2.8 GW since its foundation. Operating in Spain, Italy, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Japan and Australia, X-Elio is strongly committed to sustainability, the reduction of greenhouse gasses, and the fight against climate change.

Societe Generale acted as Sole Bookrunner, Mandated Lead Arranger and Hedge Provider of the 89m EUR deal. 

This funding will accelerate the implementation of our vision for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. We expect these projects will not only generate clean energy, but also contribute to the economic growth of local communities and the fight against climate change. We are very pleased to be able to count on the support of Societe Generale for these key projects in our portfolio.
Lluís Noguera,CEO of X-Elio
Societe Generale is pleased to support X-Elio in the development of renewable projects in Spain. As a financial services provider Societe Generale is also firmly committed to play a key role in the success of a responsible ecological transition. We stand by our clients to help them have a positive impact on society.
Arturo Alonso,Senior Banker, Societe Generale