Supporting the emerging crypto-economy


Crypto Finance AG has chosen Societe Generale Zurich Branch to support its brokerage arms’ payments and cash management needs.

For Societe Generale’s Global Transaction Banking activities, this is a great opportunity to enter into its first business relationship with a crypto-economic player and support its strong development. 

To get some further insights on the scope of the partnership, we talked to Jan Brzezek, Crypto Finance AG Founder & CEO and Valerie Zerlini, Head of Global Transaction Switzerland at Societe Generale Zurich Branch:
Jan, what services does Crypto Finance AG offer and which clients do you target?
We want to enable the traditional financial industry to enter the new world of the crypto economy. Our services can then be summarized in 3 areas:

  • Asset management of FINMA regulated crypto funds
  • Brokerage services to Banks and Wealth Managers
  • Custody / highly secure infrastructure services for Banks – that is which allow banks to physical and digital storage of new emerging digital class.

What services do you need from a bank and why did you choose Societe Generale?
We work with banks for the payment part, and for the custody of funds’ assets. Thanks to our business relationship with Societe Generale Zürich, we will be able to offer our clients fast and efficient digital payment transaction services. We chose Societe Generale for the very good reputation of the bank, for its global presence and ability to scale to make business easier. The Group also demonstrated its open-mindedness in examining our business model and went the extra mile to analyse with key Societe Generale stakeholders our business plans.

Valérie, why is this deal significant for Societe Generale? 
It is indeed a significant partner for the teams in Switzerland. We wish to accompany Crypto Finance AG in their ambitious growth plans, fully supported by their majority shareholder, Deutsche Börse. It is also key to gain knowledge in Crypto Digitalized assets as they are shaping the future of capital markets and payments. Being a partner of one of its Swiss leaders will provide important insights and further potential opportunities for Societe Generale in Switzerland.
Hoping this is only the beginning, as Crypto Finance AG has been recently introduced locally to Market and Securities teams and we, the Global Transaction Banking team, hope to support their future needs in other European and Asian countries.

Furthermore, with the digital transformation of economies, Societe Generale is fully committed to innovate to better serve its clients. Societe Generale - FORGE is a pioneer in the issuance of Crypto Security Tokens (issuance and management of digital native financial products registered on the blockchain). Overall, with this partnership Societe Generale demonstrates its ability to take part in the disruptive innovation of the payment industry.