RFIX AWARDS 2024 : Societe Generale awarded “ESG invoice financier of the year"


Societe Generale Group won the “ESG invoice financier of the year” award at the global level.

On May 22, 2024, during the “Receivable Finance International” Convention, the 24th award ceremony of RFIx24 was held, organized by BCR Publishing in London.  The Societe Generale Group won the “ESG invoice financier of the year” award at the global level. The award recognizes any organization that has made a significant contribution to the integration of ESG into the invoice finance industry over the past 12 months, including through the growth of its share of sustainability-linked finance solution. 

Societe Generale, through its subsidiary Societe Generale Factoring (SGF), has distinguished itself by the strong growth of its solutions integrating environmental and social criteria to accompany client companies in their environmental and social transition.These sustainability-linked solutions apply to all products and services such as receivables finance, supply chain finance and forfaiting.  

The news of this “ESG Financial of the Year” award is timely with the recent publication of the “Sustainable GTB frameworkwhich identifies, evaluates and tracks the ESG performance and impact of the underlying activities of Global Transaction Banking solutions globally.  

This award demonstrates once again our commitment to support our clients in their transition and our ambition to have a positive impact in terms of sustainable development, in line with the Group's raison d'être “Building together, with our clients, a better and sustainable future through responsible and innovative financial solutions”.