Prime Brokerage Initiative of the Year Award


Societe Generale wins the Prime Brokerage Initiative of the Year Award for the launch of Nuvo Prime at the Global Custodian’s Industry Leaders Awards 2020.

Winning this award is a strong recognition of our drive to always strive for a superior client experience. As Jonathan Watkins, managing editor of Global Custodian, mentions, 2020 was a year where funds leant heavily on their service providers; and in that context, Global Custodian’s Industry Leaders Awards 2020 honour organisations that stood out the most in the industry.
Nuvo Prime is Societe Generale's new swap trading and management platform that is primed to transform our synthetic prime brokerage offer. Using the next generation of cloud-based technology, it automates the booking of swaps and the production of all associated reporting. It has a dedicated, user friendly, client portal on SG Markets. For the largest clients, APIs are available.
Thanks to this new innovation, developed in partnership with the cutting edge fintech Nuvo Prime, clients now have a comprehensive suite of synthetic reports and access to a real time user-friendly portal. By delivering efficient transactional management and control, Nuvo Prime enables our clients to express their investment strategies across products and asset classes worldwide.