Laetitia Teuber drives the growth of Prime Services at Societe Generale


Her credo: business line collaboration and client services.

Source: Agefi Hebdo, 30 November to 6 December 2017
Original title: Laetitia Teuber fait croitre le "prime services" à la Société Générale. 
Author: Frédérique Garrouste

"Swiss Calm, Laetitia Teuber turns it into a force for developing bustling market activities. In addition to heading Prime Brokerage and Clearing Sales in Continental Europe, she has served as Head of Prime Services France at Societe Generale since the beginning of this year. She enjoys the scale of the task, which makes full use of her ability to communicate and create links, especially when coordinating the execution, financing (guaranteed with collateral provided by the funds, via repo, securities lending and borrowing), and clearing teams."


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