IJGlobal Awards 2021: Societe Generale has been awarded several House Awards plus Deals of the Year!


Societe Generale has been awarded by IJGlobal, one of the most respected publications dedicated to the project and infrastructure finance space, the following honors:

Financial Adviser of the Year – Europe & Africa
MLA of the Year – Europe & Africa
Bond Arranger of the Year – Europe & Africa
Bond Arranger of the Year – North America

For “Europe & Africa Financial Adviser of the Year”, judges recognised Societe Generale’s “innovation and new technology” as well as “diversity across sectors and countries”.
The "Europe & Africa MLA of the Year" award was the result of demonstrating to judges our emphasis on energy transition, EV charging such as the Carrefour EV Charging Stations project and firm commitment to rural fibre with the Unsere Grüne Glasfaser project.

We were recognized as “Bond Arranger of the Year” for both Europe & Africa and North America thanks to a project bond franchise in 2021 representing a true breadth of activity, structuring and placing bond issues in multiple formats – US 144A, Reg S EUR, Reg S USD and most notably the US private placement format like that done for Georgetown Energy Partners to upgrade and manage a university’s utility system.
These coveted awards along with the following "Deals of the Year" awards from IJGlobal are a very well-deserved recognition of the hard work and creativity demonstrated by the teams and their internal partners across the energy, mining and infrastructure sectors and beyond within the project finance market.


Europe O&G Refinance – Star Refinery Refinance
Europe Telecoms – Unsere Grüne Glasfaser
Europe EV Charging – Carrefour EV Charging Stations
Europe Transport Deal of the Year – D4 Haje-Mirotice PPP
Africa Mining – Tri-K Gold Mine
Africa Oil & Gas – Mozambique LNG
Africa Power Deal of the Year – Temane CCGT
North America
North America Export Finance Deal of the Year –  ECA-backed JOLCO for Seaspan 
North America Oil & Gas Upstream – Shenandoah Field
LATAM Export Finance Deal of the Year – Metro de Lima Linea 2 
LATAM Mining – Mantoverde Sulphide Development Project
LATAM Oil & Gas – Petrobal
LATAM Power – Project Gatun

Congratulations to the teams involved for their outstanding achievement and thanks to our clients for their continued trust!