Great rankings at the Institutional Investor 2022 Europe Research Survey for Societe Generale


The Institutional Investor 2022 Europe Research Survey is the leading provider of market sentiment in the financial industry.

The rankings at the Institutional Investor 2022 Europe Research Survey are strong recognitions of Societe Generale’s Cross-Asset Research expertise. As one of the leading independent research propositions on the market, Societe Generale’s Cross-Asset Research franchise has recorded the below rankings:

Economics, Cross-Asset and Quant Research: 

  • #1 ranking in Multi Asset Research and in Index Research (maintained leadership),
  • #2 Quant Research
  • #3 Derivatives Research,

Equity Sector Research:
We remain #13 overall and have 9 sectors in the top 10 (vs 8 last year): 

  • #6 Oil Services, 
  • #7 Infrastructure, Construction, 
  • #9 Luxury Goods, Oils, Tobacco, 
  • #10 Media, Banks, HPC.

In addition, we want to congratulate our Macroeconomics analysts who also had great results and several are ranked in the top 10 of their categories: 

  • #1 Alain Bokobza (Multi Asset), 
  • #2 Andrew Lapthorne (Quant), Vincent Cassot (Derivatives), Yohan Le Jalle (Index), 
  • #3 Sebastien Lemaire (Index), 
  • #4 Jitesh Kumar (Derivatives), 
  • #5 Albert Edwards (Multi Asset), 
  • #6 Arthur Van Slooten (Multi Asset), 
  • #7 Manish Kabra (Multi Asset), Laure Genet (Index). 

Also, some of our Equity analysts were among the top ranked within their respective sectors in Europe: 

  • #2 Guillaume Delaby (Oil Services), Marie Line Fort (SMC Europe), 
  • #3 Patrick Jousseaume (SMC Europe),
  • #5 Victor Acitores (Construction), 
  • #8 Christophe Cherblanc (Media), 
  • #9 Yannick Ouaknine (ESG), Jonathan Leinster (Beverage), 
  • #10 Ottavio Adorisio (Telecom).

These outstanding rankings are the results of Societe Generale's strong client relationship and long-term efforts to offer its clients best in class research.

Congratulations to our experts for their continued efforts and thanks to our clients for their trust!