Global Markets Incubator’s Launches Its Fourth Promotion


After high-quality series of pitches, Global Markets Incubator (GMI) has invited seven startups to join in the adventure of developing tomorrow’s market leading solutions for the financial industry.

With the underlying theme of enhancing efficiency and productivity, the GMI#4 Seven are decidedly data-oriented and focus on areas such as: pricing acceleration, data anonymization, data lineage, fluidity in data circulation and data insights.

The startups are: 

  • Riskfuel. Riskfuel uses deep learning to make derivatives valuations and risk processes faster, better, and cheaper.
  • Sarus. Sarus Accelerates Analytics and AI on confidential data with the strongest data protection.
  • AI for Alpha. AI For Alpha leverages the power of machine learning to interpret key market drivers and derive informed investment decisions.
  • Limeglass. Limeglass enhances research consumption and distribution by identifying paragraph-level insights using research optimized Rich-NLP.
  • Colibrate. Colibrate simplifies and accelerates the development of trusted data supply chains and gets ready for the network economy.
  • Defthedge. DeftHedge is a SaaS solution to manage foreign exchange risk & commodities risk.
  • ipushpull. ipushpull is a cloud based real-time data sharing and workflow automation platform. Interoperable delivery of live data into client's workflow and preferred environment.

As per Antoine Connault , Head of GMI, “these startups have innovation and entrepreneurship as building blocks of their DNA. Along with Societe Generale's experts, we will tackle some of today's hot challenges in the industry and look forward to repeating the successes we’ve had with previous GMI promotions!

Societe Generale’s Global Markets Incubator, launched in 2018, is a platform that allows the bank to detect the most relevant startups that fit with its opportunities and challenges alike. It is committed to helping startups grow sustainable businesses alongside Societe Generale as an anchor partner.

For the next six months, the selected startups will enjoy a unique access to Societe Generale’s experts, expose their products and solutions to real life business environments and access a breadth of opportunities from product development to implementation and future growth.

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