Consensus Economics - G7 & Western Europe 2020 Forecast Accuracy Awards


Big wins for Societe Generale Cross-Asset Research’s economists in Consensus Economics’ G7 & Western Europe 2020 Forecast Accuracy awards.

Consensus Economics’ Forecast Accuracy Awards recognise the achievements of country economic forecasters who have most accurately predicted the final outturns of GDP growth and Consumer Price Inflation in their targeted economies. 

For 2020, Societe Generale Cross-Asset Research’s economists have been recognized in two geographies:

  • Michel Martinez, Anatoli Annenkov, and Yvan Mamalet for their forecasts on the Euro Zone economies. 

  • Brian Hilliard for his forecasts on the United Kingdom economy (Brian previously won this award in 2017).

These wins highlight the high-quality research, the commitment to speedy  forecast updates and the ability to identify most accurately the trends of key indicators of our economists. Given the unique context of the pandemic and associated economic turmoil, 2020 was an incredibly challenging year for economic forecasters. Winning these awards is a significant achievement and a strong confirmation of the expertise and commitment of Societe Generale Cross-Asset Research’s Economics team to deliver impactful analyses to our clients.
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