Commodities Outlook. Glass Half Full


Industrial commodity prices have whipsawed since we published the November edition of the Commodities Outlook. Brent crude oil prices fell 42% between early October and late December but have since staged an impressive 33% rally. Similarly, base metal prices fell some 11% between October and December but have since recovered nearly 10%. If anything, the price action in commodity markets shows that investor sentiment has been erratic and fluctuating, first conceding to unrestrained pessimism in the final quarter of 2018 and now embracing what could appear to some as a form of complacency and a denial of the changing nature of macroeconomic conditions.

As we detail in greater length below, and in stark contrast to the last two years, the leading indicators increasingly point to a period of slower global output growth, trade and inflation. And yet, after much heated debate about the state of the global economy – and the allegedly controlled, albeit inevitable slowdown in China’s growth trajectory – we are increasingly of the feeling that commodity markets are well positioned to weather the passing storm. Fundamentals in many markets remain sound, supply is disciplined, and the global monetary U-turn is likely to appease concerns that central banks were inevitably driving the global economy into a recession. In other words, while the macroeconomic horizon remains overcast with uncertainty, for commodity markets as an asset class, and for the next few months, we say it is time to see the glass half full rather than half empty.

For this quarterly interim Commodities Outlook, Glass half full, our analysts provide a succinct overview of the demand and supply fundamentals for each of the 28 commodity markets we cover, and further explore seven key themes in dedicated Spotlight pages.



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