Banks at work on discounted green loans


SUSTAINABLE FINANCE: Oudea (SocGen): “committed to €100 billion contribution for the energy transition”

Vitaliano D’Angerio

Discounted Green loans for small retail customers who need to renovate their home and make it earthquake proof or efficient in terms of energy. This is one of the initiatives that come out of the “Sustainable & Positive Impact Finance Conference”, organised in Milan by the French bank, Societe Generale, in partnership with Il Sole 24 Ore.

The idea is to finance extensively through banks new buildings and property restorations finalised to the energy efficiency and to get earthquake-proof structures. In this way, for example, it will be possible to provide green mortgages with a variable rate that decreases progressively as energy efficiency improves.

Luca Bertalot
Secretary-general of the European Mortgage Federation (EMF)

There is a pilot group of 40 banks in Europe that is first offering these products to customers.

“The Scandinavian Nordea was the first to start three weeks ago,” recalled Bertalot.

In Italy instead, it is not yet clear when they will be available. In the next few weeks the institutions that will have such an offering are, among others, Banca Montepaschi, Banco Bpm, Bper Banca, Volksbank Alto Adige, Societe Generale and Friulovest Banca.

The CEO of the French bank, Frederic Oudea, also attended the conference which was entirely focused on sustainable finance. He explained how much the transalpine institute is doing in the green sector. In fact, it is one of the most committed bank in the world to sustainability.

At yesterday’s conference, Oudea recalled the numbers a little, the institution is committed to:
a € 100 billion contribution to the financing of the energy transition by 2020; a contribution of approximately € 15 billion to the renewables sector; to direct or codirect green bonds issues for a nominal amount of around € 85 billion on the same period. In particular, in Italy, 

Societe Generale has been active in the financing of ESG projects since 2005. We have been one of the major players in the Italian market, acting as structuring adviser or bookrunner on almost € 6 billion social and green bonds.

Frédéric Oudéa
CEO - Societe Generale

Also attending the day of sustainable finance was the “father of green bonds”, the Italian, Aldo Romani, who works at the European Investment Bank as Deputy Head of Euro Funding. Romani recapped what the EU Commission has been doing regarding green finance. However, the real watershed regarding green bonds will be the large-scale arrival of issues by sovereign states. As of yet, only Poland, France and Belgium have issued green government securities. And Italy?

“Last week, at a meeting I participated in – recalled Romani – Maria Cannata was also present. She is working on the BTp Green on behalf of the Ministry of the Economy, for which issue, there are still some complexities to tackle. We’ll see”.