Sustainable and Positive Impact Finance

Highly supportive of transitioning to a more sustainable economy, Societe Generale stands by you to support the positive impact of your business.


Accompanying the energy transition, supporting the development of emerging economies, increasing social inclusion, fostering a smart use of scarce resources, these are the challenges we address to create the future the next generations deserve. 

IFR AWARDSociete Generale has been honoured with the Bank of the Year for Sustainability 2021 award by the International Financial Review (IFR). This recognition completes a unique series for our Bank, as it adds to the recent awards of 2021 Investment Bank of the Year for Sustainability from The Banker, Best Bank and Best Investment Bank for Sustainable Finance from Global Finance for 2021, as well as the recent AAA extra-financial rating by MSCI. As banking partner, we embrace our responsibility. ESG is embedded in our corporate purpose and a reality for many years. 

With our deep sector expertise, our structuring and innovation skills, we are supporting you in your sustainable roadmap by embedding positive impact across our advisory, financing and investment solutions. With 20 years of thought leadership, innovation and action behind us, we are best positioned to help you gain a competitive advantage in both sustainable business development and Environmental and Social (E&S) risk management. 

With a collective ambition and by looking at projects through the prism of their holistic impact on society, we will develop positive impact solutions to benefit all and progressively tackle the world ’s challenges.

Euromoney Awards 2022

What does it mean to receive the World’s Best Bank Transition Strategy Award?
After a long series of prestigious sustainability-related awards received this year (IFR, The Banker, Global Finance),...

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Positive Impact by Design
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Strategic Advisory & Business Development
Sustainable Finance is at the heart of our strategy and offering, to support our clients in their transformation towards...
Sustainable & Positive Impact Financing
We have built our expertise on our deep historical knowledge in environmental & social risk management, structured...
Sustainable & Positive Investing
With a top-ranked ESG Research team, performing index solutions and a broad Sustainable and Positive Impact product...


Sustainable Finance is at the heart of our strategy and offering, to build together with you, a better and sustainable future. You can leverage Societe Generale’s longstanding experience and in-depth environmental and social expertise, across the full spectrum of our investment and financing solutions.

Financing a better future

Climate change, social inclusion, the development of emerging economies, the smart use of scarce resources are among the crucial challenges the whole world faces today, for a better future, for the legacy we will leave to the next generations. Highly supportive of transitioning to a fairer & greener economy, Societe Generale stands by its clients to help them have a positive impact on society at large. Learn more about how a leading European Bank is investing in a more sustainable future. Societe Generale is honoured to be part of the 50 Sustainability Climate Leaders initiative, a response from the International Business Community which demonstrates the desire, the leadership, and the will to take effective action in the fight against Climate Change.