The Big Picture “All Is Well …” – European Equity Strategy Outlook


All is well…or not? European equity markets started the year 2019 pricing in too much pessimism. In our view. 2020 could be different, and the markets might start the year pricing in too much optimism.

Indeed, given the sharp rerating this year across all sectors, European equity markets are already pricing in much better newsflow going forward. The most cyclical segments of the market have strongly rebounded since last summer on the back of an improved trade deal and Brexit expectations. All is well…

…or not? The recent rerating does not leave much room for disappointment, at a time when the US economy is at the end of the cycle and central banks have already used up a lot of their ammunition, most notably the ECB. If 2019 was all about lower bond yields and rerating, 2020 could well be about earnings deterioration.

How to gear portfolios to fiscal easing as well as public spending measures? How to position in this low growth environment? What to do with deep value sectors? Does earnings visibility still matter? How could the US election impact European Pharmaceuticals? What does the new European commission mean for regulated sectors? 

In their 2020 European Equity Outlook, Societe Generale equity strategists address all these questions facing investors, and more, sharing their key views and analyses.

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