Global Markets Incubator: First Cohort Moves In!


Global Markets Incubator is proud to announce that it has selected six fintech companies to join its market activities open innovation platform, hosted at Le Swave Paris & Co, and thrilled to build with them innovative solutions.

 The selected fintechs are:

ICA delivers high performance risk management, big data analytics and visualization solutions.

Nephelai leverages Machine Learning to detect booking anomalies on transactions and associated referential data in order to improve operational efficiency. develops solutions to automate information extraction. 

SESAMm is an innovative FinTech company specializing in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence to provide alternative data, build analytics and create investment signals for Asset Management. 
TeamBrain uses Machine Learning to provide instantaneous and certified answers to any question. 


Wematch Equity Derivatives is a technology company developing user-experience oriented platforms for dealers to exchange risk in a safe and intuitive environment. 


To support and accelerate the development of their products into disruptive business solutions, these entrepreneurs will benefit from Societe Generale’s expertise in capital markets and Le Swave’s tailor-made coaching.

Starting in February, Global Markets Incubator will help these six companies develop and refine their respective solutions for a period of six months.

Global Markets Incubator, Societe Generale's market activities open innovation platform.