ICE: The success of this transaction is based on a strong relationship


Working alongside our clients to meet a unique challenge

 “Among all the strategic initiatives implemented by ICE over the past few years, the Euronext share floatation was one of the most unique and complicated challenges we have undertaken,” says Scott A. Hill, Chief Financial Officer of Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). “The success of the transaction would not have been possible without Societe Generale’s partnership and expertise.”

The stock exchange operator underwent a veritable two-year marathon to create a durable and independent financial operator serving the European marketplaces. With Societe Generale’s support, ICE initially acquired NYSE Euronext, and then “gave back its freedom” to the pan-European Euronext entity via an Initial Public Offering (IPO) while also securing a group of controlling shareholders, approved by the financial authorities of the countries concerned: France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

Societe Generale’s teams supported ICE on a daily basis in order to achieve this series of important transactions, which were as high profile and technically complex as they were strategic. Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking played an advisory role in the operation as well as being the global coordinator for the IPO, a transaction amounting to €846 million, in which the Bank itself acquired a 3% participation.


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