Project name reporting for project finance

According to the EPIII reporting requirements, the EPFI submits project name data to the EP Association Secretariat for publication on the EP Association website.

Project name reporting is applicable to project finance transactions that are signed, subject to obtaining client consent, subject to applicable local laws and regulations, and subject to no additional liability for the Bank as a result of reporting in certain identified jurisdictions.

Below is the list of the 27 EP project finance transactions which were signed in 2017.

ADTIM Broadband Network
ADTIM Broadband Network
ADTIM Broadband Network
ADTIM Broadband Network
Ammonia Project
Block A Aceh Gas Development Project
Bungala One Solar
Centrale Eolienne de Buire-Le-Sec
Centrale Photovoltaïque du Plateau de l'Arnet
Ciclo Combinado Tierra Mojada
Coopers Gap Wind Farm
Coral South FPSO
Gaz et pétrole
Coral South FPSO
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