The latest quarterly economic report by SG CIB Cross Asset Research

For institutional investors only

SG CIB Cross Asset Research has published its quarterly Global Economic Outlook - "On a plateau" a flagship economics publication written by the team of Michala Marcussen, Global Head of Economics.

Consensus catching up to our view of softer US growth…and inflation, Beware China’s nominal growth slowdown, Brexit to bite in 2018, ECB to act earlier, but at a slower pace, watch the below briefing video by Michala Marcussen, Global Head of Economics within SG CIB Cross Asset Research


  • Global cycle entering mature phase ... leverage holds the key
  • Trumpflation insufficient to offset for fading Xiflation
  • Continued expansion in trade but at more moderate pace
  • European policy uncertainty to remain elevated
  • Phillips curve (relationship between unemployment & inflation) works, but parameters have shifted
  • r-star (neutral real interest rate) to remain low 


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Access all reports on www.sgmarkets.com (access restricted to SG CIB clients) This interview contains financial analysis which reflects the opinion of the Cross-Asset Research department of Societe Generale at the date of its publication. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the other departments of Societe Generale nor the official opinion of Societe Generale. This interview is dedicated to institutional and professional investors and is not deemed to be seen and used by retail investors for investment purpose. The viewers shall consult their own financial advisers to make their own appraisal.