Denis Childs - Making finance positive at Societe Generale CIB

Societe Generale's Positive Impact Finance team was recently highlighted in the French magazine l'Agefi Hebdo

Denis Childs' team helps the bank's clients to undertake projects with a positive social or environmental impact.

 "We bring to the fore the good things clients are doing"

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The "Positive Impact Finance" Program in a few words

The "Positive Impact Finance" is an initiative developed by the environmental and social (E&S) advisory team created by Denis Childs almost 15 years ago. Its objective is to analyse the clients projects so as to suggest them "measures [...] to bring the projects into line with the E&S standards we are aiming for, and to minimise credit risk and reputational risk for the bank".

This concept comes down to the financing of any activity having a positive impact on the pourest countries' economy, the primary needs of people or environment, while ensuring the good managing of negative impacts. 

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