Asiamoney’s Foreign Exchange Polls 2013


#1 Best for Overall FX Services in Singapore #1 Best for FX Options in Singapore #1 Best for FX Research and Market Coverage in Singapore #2 Best for FX Products and Services in Singapore

This year, a total of 4,004 individual responses to the FX Poll were received with 3,504 valid responses, from 3,044 companies that comprise of 2,569 corporates and 475 financial institutions.  Respondents were asked to rate their top FX providers in Asia where trading transactions were mainly held for the following categories:

1.    FX Products and Services
•    Innovative and bespoke FX products and structured notes
•    Trade recommendation
•    FX sales
•    FX prime broking services
•    Post-trade services, including back-office
•    Electronic trading platform

2.    FX Options
•    FX linked structured notes
•    Emerging market options
•    Vanilla/1st generation exotics
•    Competitive and prompt spot pricing
•    Competitive and prompt forward pricing
•    Competitive option pricing

3.    FX Research and Market Coverage
•    Macroeconomic research
•    Global FX research
•    Asian FX research
•    Technical analysis
•    Quantitative modelling
•    Forecasts and trade recommendations
•    Flows analysis
•    FX (vanilla) options for Asian currencies