Appointments within Societe Generale

In order to reinforce its capacity to support its clients with a full range of multi-asset and advisory services, while adapting to the new regulatory environment, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking announces a new organisation and related appointments within its Global Markets activities effective as of May 18 2015.

This new organisation is based upon 3 main principles:

- Further aligning the organization with that of its clients,
- Facilitating access to the full engineering capacities of the bank,
- Ensuring seamless continuum across all asset classes.

The bank announces the following appointments within the Global Markets division which remains under the supervision of Daniel Fields, with David Escoffier as deputy:
- Richard Quessette is appointed Head of the newly created Equities and Derivatives business line, with Bruno Benoit as deputy,
- Danielle Sindzingre heads a broadened Fixed Income & Currencies business line, encompassing both flow and structured fixed income services,
- Jonathan Whitehead remains Head of Commodities Markets activities,
- Chris Topple and Christophe Lattuada are appointed  as co-Heads of Prime Services activities,
- Jerome Jacques and Hatem Mustapha are appointed as co-Heads of a new Asset Backed Products business line, created jointly with the Global Finance division.

- François Barthelemy remains Head of Global Markets in the Americas, with Peter McGahan appointed as Deputy.
- Franck Drouet remains Head of Global Markets in Asia Pacific, with Yann Garnier appointed as Deputy.

The new organization of the markets activities also relies on a global transversal management for sales, engineering, trading and research across all asset classes:
- David Escoffier will be in charge of supervising the sales teams,
- Marc Saffon is appointed Head of Engineering,
- Jean-François Gregoire remains Head of Trading with Arie Boleslawski and Guillaume Buathier as deputies,
- Patrick Legland remains Head of Global Research.

Additionally, replacing Christophe Lattuada, Laure Lemaignen is appointed Head of Strategy & Corporate Development for Global Banking & Investor Solutions. She will report to Didier Valet, Head of Global Banking & Investor Solutions, and to his deputy, Christophe Mianné.