Societe Generale won RFIx award «supply chain finance provider of the year»

Societe Generale won the RFIx Award for "Supply Chain Finance Supplier of the Year" on March 10 in London from BCR Publishing. This award is the 1st one in Supply Chain Finance, overall at global level.

This award recognizes the work of Societe Generale Factoring and Trade services teams, in particular through the latest innovations implemented, such as:

  • The SCF Servicing platform: a multi-bank platform where all parties (banks, suppliers, and their customers) can visualize their invoices and transactions, and where suppliers can request a financing if they wish so. It is multi-lingual (currently already available in 6 different languages), multi-currency (currently SCF services covered in multiple countries).
  • The SCF onboarding platform: a first-class website to educate and onboard suppliers. Suppliers are onboarded online, in a user-friendly, simplified journey. Major customers across 5 continents have entrusted us with their SCF initiatives in different activity sectors: automobile, telecoms, food, packaging, construction, healthcare, retail, …
  • The We.trade platform: a one of its kind digital platform enabling paperless international trade. We.trade was developed in collaboration with other European banks and is meant to make European trade more simple, more secure and cheaper. Furthermore, this online platform introduces brand new digital services such as Bank Payment Undertaking and immediate financing.