AutoFX: taking control over your cross-border payments


Societe Generale’s Auto FX solution helps you to better control the FX applied to your outgoing cross-border payments while at the same time allowing you to manage your payment costs and generating revenues.

AUTO FX automatically converts your payments in more than 30 currencies by applying the most advantageous daily FX rate.

The revenues generated from these transactions are shared with you and we guarantee full transparency on FX operations: you benefit from a detailed monthly report of converted payments (currency, exchange rate, value date, margin amount, and so on).

Our strong market knowledge and data mining expertise allow us to continuously strive to ensure a high accurate conversion ratio. Moreover AUTO FX allows us to exclude issuer or beneficiary clients from automatic conversion to transfers the amount in the original currency instead.

Dedicated investigations team based in Paris ensuring a quick and efficient claim resolution with the FX rate guaranteed for 30 calendar days in case of a fund return request.

Our flexible system and SLA allow our clients to easily implement the Auto FX Service.

Do not hesitate to contact your Societe Generale’s relationship manager for more information.