You need to exchange information with banks on a daily basis whether for submitting payment and collection orders or gathering information.

As they increase in size, companies face complex internal organisational challenges in an environment that is becoming increasingly international. Local treasurers wish to take advantage of belonging to a large group, while the central treasuries have ambitious performance targets.


Our solutions

We provide e-banking solutions suited to your volume of transactions, your IT system, where your accounts are held and how your teams are organised. These electronic exchanges are performed via:
Host-to-host transmission: exchanging files using secure protocols
Internet banking: banking Internet portal available from your PC, tablet or smartphone

Each solution has been designed to provide a high level of security ensuring the confidence necessary to render all exchanges paperless thanks to:
• protocol security (authentication, encryption and integrity locking)
• the possibility to sign files using personal electronic certificates
• the use of a private network (e.g. SWIFT)

You can exchange information with us using the data transmission protocols available on the market. We are a major actor in the interbanking groups which define the standards of these protocols.


If you are a multi-banked group, located in several countries and would like to centralize your financial flows as well as having overall visibility of your cash positions, then SWIFTNet meets all your requirements.

By adopting SWIFT, your company can access 9,000 financial institutions in over 200 countries with a guarantee linked to the private SWIFT network, which has an exceptionally high level of availability and ensures the integrity and security of your transactions.

Two types of exchanges are possible with SWIFTNet:

SWIFTNet FIN: messaging service
• Valid for single transaction or small volumes
• Works with standardised messages (SWIFT MTxxx)
• Syntax checked by the SWIFT network

SWIFTNet FileAct: file transfer system
• Particularly well suited to large volumes
• Capable of sending all types of files
• Possibility to personally sign files using the SWIFT 3SKey signature certificate


Societe Generale & SWIFT:

  • A very active member of the SWIFT community
  • A single access point to Group entities in over 50 countries
  • A tried and tested offer: top 5 among financial institutions worldwide in terms of connected Corporate clients
  • A large range of financial services: cash management, cards, market activities, securities, trade finance, factoring, etc.
  • A comprehensive support for your "SWIFTNet deployment " project from the study to the implementation phase (sponsoring, testing and implementation)

We have designed simple and easy-to-use solutions for companies (no special software required): Internet banking (also called Internet portal).

We have a local Internet banking offer in most of our countries, which take into account local requirements relating to payment methods. We also offer international Internet banking to help you steer your business wherever your accounts are held (Societe Generale group or other banks).

Internet Banking offers 4 types of services:

Dashboard, list of account movements, balances per value date, ledger balances, alerts, transaction monitoring, consolidated position of your accounts in a chosen currency, etc.

Entering your third-parties (beneficiaries and debtors), entering single or multiple payments, entering payment authorisations, etc. 

files in multiple formats (sending order files/downloading reporting files), 

Adding users, managing user rights, personalising your data (language, favourite accounts, organising accounts, etc.)


A range of benefits:

  • Access to information on any device (computer, tablet or smartphone) with optimised browsing
  • Help entering your orders and instant information about the accuracy of your data
  • Personalised and customisable information
  • Anywhere anytime access

Internet banking solutions complement host to host transmission solutions for specific monitoring purposes: urgent transactions, visually tracking transactions and account balances, validating host to host transmitted orders.



SG Markets | Global Cash is the international cash management portal for Corporates which offers you secure access to create, validate and monitor your payment and collection orders, control and balance your account positions around the world. Global Cash offers you a unique user experience, with all the benefits of an extended multi-bank cash management service, accessible across multiple devices (via desktop, tablet or smartphone) and available in several languages.

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Discover Global Cash, the international cash management portal for Corporates

Discover Global Cash, the international cash management portal for Corporates