Sustainable & Positive Solutions

Societe Generale connects a wide range of issuers (sovereigns, supras, agencies, corporates) and investors (insurance companies, asset managers, private & retail banks…) through a comprehensive offer of vanilla to customised solutions.

ESG Index Solutions

The Societe Generale Index range covers a wide scope of assets, and includes Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) indices, based on Societe Generale’s in-house ESG research or on our comprehensive network of ESG partners. 

  • A wide array of formats is available to deliver the indices: ETFs, Funds, Bank certificates, Structured Products, etc.
  • Design of custom indices: whether derived from a flagship index or created at the client’s request, they are developed to precisely match an investor’s objectives.
Tailored Sustainable & Positive Investing 

Societe Generale has been issuing structured notes for more than 20 years, including ESG index-linked structured notes. These solutions are available in five main formats of sustainable and positive investment.

  1. Positive Impact notes
    Societe Generale has created a range of products to allow clients to invest in a structured note while promoting Positive Impact Finance. Positive Impact notes are flexible and can be linked to a full range of performance engines. The Bank commits to applying an amount equivalent to the value invested in the Positive Impact notes to finance and/or refinance Eligible Activities as defined in the Sustainable and Positive Impact Bond Framework of Societe Generale.
  2. Repackaging of Green, Social or Sustainability bonds
    Societe Generale issues a bond-repacked note for which the yield of a third-party Green Bond (the reference bond) is used as a funding source.
  3. Green, Social or Sustainability Notes issued by a third-party
    The issuer earmarks the note’s proceeds for green, social or sustainable projects, or is a recognised “pure player” which exclusively funds such projects.
  4. Custom solutions that make a positive contribution to environmental or social initiatives
    Societe Generale has developed partnerships with social enterprises, which support reforestation or verified carbon emission reduction projects, to let investors add a voluntary contribution to their investments on ESG index-linked products.
  5. Socially Responsible Deposits
    Societe Generale matches funds collected through deposits with an equivalent amount in short-term loans to corporates that have received high ESG ratings, or in commodity finance transactions selected for their high sustainability standards. This offer allows our corporate clients to contribute to a new responsible lending approach.
Hedging & Financing Solutions

Innovating in ESG solutions beyond investment activities, the Group also offers Sustainable and Positive solutions within its hedging activities and financing products:

  • Sustainability-Linked Derivatives: with derivatives whose features are contingent on the achievement of specified sustainability targets, Societe Generale strengthens its commitment to the sustainable transformation of its corporate clients. Sustainabilitylinked swaps can notably hedge Sustainability-linked loans and bonds.
  • Sustainability-Linked financing and ESG-Screened financing solutions: with financing transactions in public markets whose features are contingent to the achievement of specified sustainability targets, Societe Generale strengthens its commitment to the sustainable transformation of its Financial Institutions clients. Societe Generale can also apply ESG screens to the collateral of financing transactions in Global Markets.

Isabelle MILLAT, Head of Sustainability - Global Markets