We offer reporting solutions designed to meet all of your monitoring needs, including accounting and cash flow reconciliation, having the information you need to react quickly to issues with payments or collections, or keeping a close eye on the orders you issue.


  • Electronic statements featuring enhanced information ease your accounting and cashflow reconciliation.
  • With intraday statements, you receive updates throughout the day so you can monitor your expected cash flow.
  • Various credit/debit statements and notification of operations, allow you to follow accurately all your operations: transfers received for invoices reconciliation, unpaid notifications for recovery and follow-up of debt’s collection …These information are also provided through alerts so you can react quickly, for example if you receive a non-payment notification.
  • Enriched information on your orders sent to Societe Generale, so you can confirm that the order was received and well processed or keep a detailed record of any refused orders that you will need to recycle.