Supply Chain Finance

We help clients strengthen the relationships with their suppliers regardless of their size while optimising their working capital.

We offer a suite of reverse factoring solutions to strengthen the supply chain financing along with E&S criteria. The purpose of Supply Chain Finance (or reverse factoring) is to prepay the invoices payable to suppliers.

We can help fulfil the E&S objectives of our clients in several ways, first by helping ensure the sustainability of their supplier base:

  • Reducing the risks of delays and/or disruption
  • Strengthening the commercial relationship with their suppliers

Conveying a “responsible purchasing” image Then, by helping improve their working capital needs:

  • Securing payments and improving cash manage-ment forecasts and liquidity management
  • Centralising & securing suppliers’ payments
  • Last but not least, setting up a Supply Chain Finance programme based on client specific E&S criteria will reinforce the impact of its global E&S initiatives and increase its visibility.

For the client’s suppliers, the benefits are twofold:

  • Suppliers benefit from a “true sale” early payment solution, especially the most fragile ones.
  • Special programmes may be set up to support dedicated groups of suppliers and create social impact.

Charles EVAIN, Head of Supply Chain Finance


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