Receivables Finance

We support our clients with their positive social impact by providing them with healthy cash cycles and lasting working capital solutions through either Positive Impact Finance or Sustainability-Linked structures.

By helping our clients monitor their cash cycle, receivables finance opens up new opportunities for them to positively support their partners financial sustainability, along with their own. The socially positive impact they generate by reducing payment delays may be seen across their partners’ economic cycle. Receivables finance helps strengthen cash cycles as well as relationships between clients and their debtors.

Specific positive impact receivables finance programs also exist to fit the needs of non-profit organisations and to specifically help them to get cash advances on their operating grants. Public subsidies can be pre-financed and cash cycles for non-profit organisations thus improved. This helps preserve the variety and density of the French associative network. In a co-construction approach with our corporate clients, we also design receivables finance programs including E&S indicators to support our clients in their environmental & social strategy.

Charles EVAIN, Head of Supply Chain Finance