Mobility Solutions

ALD Automotive supports its corporate clients by providing eco-friendly fleets and mobility solutions whether it be to reduce fleet emissions, improve safety on the road or promote innovative & sustainable mobility solutions.


To help clients reduce the environmental impact of their fleet, ALD Automotive strives to ensure that clients are able to identify the right vehicles for them. This involves conducting a needs analysis, measuring a fleet’s carbon footprint, improving client awareness on the benefits of alternative powertrains (battery electric vehicles, full hybrids, plug-in hybrids in particular), and explaining the legal and fiscal set-up.


A strategic focus has been placed on investing in new mobility solutions that will transform the use of the car into mobility as a service. ALD Automotive provides solutions such as Corporate car sharing and car swapping services which provide alternatives in response to the gradual shift away from the traditional “one user = one car” model to more collaborative solutions and on-demand solutions.


The transition to electrically-chargeable vehicles requires partnering with key energy or infrastructure providers. ALD Automotive has signed a number of partnerships to collectively launch new electrified mobility solutions which combine driving electric vehicles and charging facilities in order to provide a seamless and consistent customer experience.

Stephane RENIE, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility - ALD Automotive